Light shine through

Good morning everyone! Happy Monday! These last few weeks have been filled with exams, quizzes and papers. I am over half way done with this term and everything Is coming to fruition in rather quickly. I’ve been spending most of my days sitting in my room trying to study for all my classes, and ultimately picking one over the other which I have tried to get better at.

This post is something I just wanted to share when I was bored laying in bed probably just going through my phone instead of studying.

My window is a rather big in my room and the light comes through the curtain we got. I moved some things off my sisters white desk. I used my self timer to take these pictures because I wanted to have mini photo shoot in a room with the desk in with the chair we had bought.

I took some pictures of me in this dress I bought from forever 21 wearing make up I had done five minutes before to take these pictures. I love how makeup looks in the sun light, especially highlighter.

Let me know what you think of this outfit and what if you’ve done any impromptu photo shoots you’ve ended up really enjoying.

It’s a start

Happy weekend! It’s finally Saturday. This week has been different, at least academically speaking.

I took my first exam in the term on Monday and saw a large amount of improvement from my first to last attempt. That just shows that I have to work as hard as I can to pass this math class and get closer to my goal. This being my third year in college, I still find myself lacking the focus I need to get through courses. I know it’s not easy, so I have to dedicate time to making sure I get the results I want.

Balancing school, work and a social life can be hard, but I want to also take time to up my blogging. To give you all the content you deserve. Thank you all for continuously supporting me! It means so much!

Trying new things

Good morning everyone! Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday! Here is my latest outfit posts wearing one of my favorite shirts.When I bought this shirt I was kind of nervous, it looked so small and it felt risqué when I tried it on. I wanted to push my comfort levels a bit with this purchase, and I did. I definitely felt really feminine when I wore it, I love how it fits and how I automatically feel more confident wearing it. I wore high wasted jeans and Birkenstocks with them, to keep it more casual.


Inspired by an amazing blogger, Jade Madeline. Her blog link can be found here. I have had this blog for about 3 years now, but have used it on and off. Now, I am truly dedicated to seeing how far I can take this and what I can accomplish with my writing and love of fashion. The following posts are ones that received a lot of likes from fellow bloggers, and I am happy to share with my new blogging friends as I continue to embark on this journey.

These are the most popular posts I’ve had on this blog thus far:


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Make sure to leave comments and tell me what you think about my style evolution.



Kicks + Announcement

Wanted to start this post off by saying a massive thank you! Thank you for following me while I discover my love for fashion and share it with you all. After  days of being on the brink of reaching 1,000 followers on instagram I finally did it! To keep up with me and my fashion adventures follow me at and leave your instagram links below so I can check them out.

Also, guess what! I am collaborating with a brand named beyoustyle to give you a 10% discount on their accessories! Use my code “Lupe” at checkout ! They have amazing chokers, necklaces and sunglasses! They even make custom ones. Shop here: !

Now on to my outfit. I’ve had midterms to study for and haven’t been able to write the posts I’ve wanted to. Yesterday I had a paper due and midterm to take but I made some time to take pictures of the outfit I wore.

I love this maroon shirt from target that I don’t wear very often since I often go for sweatshirts since Oregon is always freezing!!! As you guys may have seen, I wear these white sneakers all the time! I have other pairs but these are so classic they go with so many different outfits!

I remebered I had this handkerchief and wanted to use it as an accessory. What do you think of it? Is it something you’d try? Also had to stick to my black and white theme here with my first ever bomber from forever21!

Thanks for the love, have a good everyone x

Pop of Color


I realized I have worn this shirt for 2 Christmas in a row. It’s one I bought from forever21 and I always love to wear it like this. 

These jeans are one of my favorites, but sadly my mom ripped them for whatever reason. I had this belt that I really liked and I lost it. Shows how organized I am. This is one of my favorite outfits, and I really liked having such a casual outfit look a bit more sophisticated because of this trench coat. 

Leave me comments about your favorite outfits, do you have any staple pieces you love to wear a lot? 

Sheer brights / Girly mode

This is one of my favorite outfits! I used the new camera I got to capture this outfit that is so simple and lovely. It reminded me to stop overthinking my outfits, if I (or you) think something looks good, than try it. Never any problem with that right?

The dress is from forever 21, the heels are mia shoes that I totally love.

Its me, so I had to make it more… edgy. This denim jacket is the same lenght of the dress which I find very appealing. If you’re cold, you have something to help with that. Wrapping it around your waist adds a subtle pop of color.

IMG_0798 IMG_0812  IMG_0829 IMG_0842 IMG_0848IMG_0825