Fashion is about self expression. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved clothes. How different people can wear a single piece of clothing and make it so unique. I have always dressed comfortably, sometimes too much so. I’ve worn sweatpants and hoodies to class on multiple occasions, never seeing the point of dressing up. I felt beautiful then, and I feel beautiful now.

Fashion is never ending, and I am so happy to see the way people go about their style. Some are very daring and creative, while others opt for simple outfits that are still so amazing. Whatever your style is, thank you for inspiring me. You all are so creative and give me so many ideas when it comes to style.

A trend I have been noticing a lot recently is thin sunglasses. I wasn’t a big fan of them at first, but as I saw celebrities wearing them in different ways, I started to see the appeal of them. I went to an antique shop with a friend and saw so many of these sunglasses, which I found so amazing. These were from years ago, and here we are n 2018 wearing them once again. Fashion truly does surpass time.

My way 

Hey guys! Thank you all for following me on this journey! This year has been full of ups and downs and I’m glad I got to share my passion with you all. Here is my newest post, full of snowy Oregon 🌲❄️ for more winter pictures, follow my Instagram: onewithboots xx 😘 

My favorite combination

As some of you may know, I love black and white, especially together. They contrast so well, it works. In my opinion, you can never have too much black, as long as it is styled correctly. This sleeved crop top was just what I needed to try sneaker wedges with. It may be a bit quirky, but it works. Besides, fashion is about risks. ImageImage

Never enough black

Never enough black

This picture was taken on Christmas Day. I found it a great time to “dress up.” Nothing is better than a long shirt, and some skinny jeans from the amazing vigoss. I rolled them up to give the outfit a more relazed vibe. A leather jacket seemed fitting. My outfit could not be complete until I put on my favorite black ankle boots from Munro.