Hey guys! A couple of weeks ago I went to the zoo with my roommate Liz. She loves going so I decided to join her, and I’m glad I did. Going reminded me of how beautiful the world us, and I couldn’t help but take pictures while there. 

The valum avory was my favorite part, a building full of birds. It was so green and full of life, I couldn’t help but stare in amazement. 

Being an Oregonian, nature is important to me & luckily the sun helped out throughout the day. The whole day was so amazing, and I’m so happy I went. 

Leave comments about fun things you’ve done recently! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures 

Thank you 2016 

This year has been so hard, probably the hardest of my life so far. Yet I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been, meeting people that truly care about me and I will never forget. 

I love Oregon, it’s the only home I’ve ever known. I constantly see bloggers which such colorful images with constant travel posts and that’s amazing, I’m happy for them. But I realized that wanting to make my blog something similar to that is not staying true to me and my life. From now on, it’s time to embrace the beautiful nature that I’m surrounded with in Oregon. Starting by these blog pictures.