Happy Saturday guys! This week has been pretty hectic, and after finishing my school week I took the time to browse my closet and wear something new. 

This is one of my favorite tops from New York Company. I love the open shoulders, and paired it with a thick black coat my sister gave me. 

Even thought they are basic pieces, I wore this in different ways. 

1. with the jacket off

2. With the sleeves on but exposing my shoulders 

3. Over my shoulders, not on. 

I remember how cool I thought people looked when they had coats over their shoulders, with their hands beside them instead of through the coat sleeves. 
Also I played around with braids, ponytails and my go to hairstyle: down. 

These are my favorite colors to wear because they can be mixed and matched so many different ways! 

These adidas my dad gave me for Christmas are classic, and go with so many looks! 


Inspired by an amazing blogger, Jade Madeline. Her blog link can be found here. I have had this blog for about 3 years now, but have used it on and off. Now, I am truly dedicated to seeing how far I can take this and what I can accomplish with my writing and love of fashion. The following posts are ones that received a lot of likes from fellow bloggers, and I am happy to share with my new blogging friends as I continue to embark on this journey.

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Make sure to leave comments and tell me what you think about my style evolution.



Not a blue denim jacket

Hello, its friday! I don’t have any classes today so I spent my morning doing homework and joining blogger chats on twitter. I had some things to do on campus and this is my outfit for the day.

This denim jacket is from loft that I haven’t worn often, but I wore it today with a baseball shirt, skinny jeans and fringe booties.

I did my makeup, which you can see in these mirror pictures I took. I don’t have a large selection of makeup, so it is fairly simple since I bought makeup for the first time a few months ago. I love using highlighter, and I’m getting better at applying it but it’s not as bright as I wish it to be. There is so many different makeup options and it can be a bit overwhelming, but I’m excited to see how I can delve into the world of makeup.

I am also very excited because makeup is something that makes me feel good, especially when it comes to confidence. Confidence is key in any situation, and that is why I wear what I want, regardless of any one saying otherwise.




I decided to wear my fanciest shoes, a pair of heeled oxfords from Missguided that I absolutely adore! I loved this simple outfit, especially because I was able to wear my high waisted jeans in a simple, comfortable way. This denim jacket is one of my favorite seaters, along with a white denim jacket I just bought.




IM 19

HEEEY LOVES! college has been crazy busy, but I recently celebrated my 19th birthday here in college. Its still amazing to think about how far I’ve come, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the school year brings. IMG_1006 IMG_0956 IMG_0953 IMG_0964 IMG_0979 IMG_0970 IMG_0974 IMG_1017

Hey guys! Hows the summer treating you? I’ve been busy with work, but I have taken lots of outfit pictures this weekend. Not focusing on my style too much during the week leaves me time for it during the weekend. I got to wear these shirt my friend bought me from Pacsun, thanks Vivian! I also adore these ray bans from forever21,