Family day 

I had a day off from work so I went with my mom to run errands. Those usually consist of going to the Mexican store to buy meat and vegetables. As we were leaving we had to stop by the store a few doors down to buy bread. We noticed that they had fruit cups, consisting of chamoy, which is a sauce put on fruits such as mango. 

As we walked to the car, my younger brother took endless picture of us, and I liked how they came out. They were a representation of my relationship with my mom, always laughing and joking around. I was also really excited to finally wear this shirt I bought at pacsun, (thank you buy one get one free ☺️) since it’s see through I wore a bralette from target. This has been one of my favorite outfits, because I feel more and more comfortable with my body. I’ve gained a bit of weight in my stomach, and that’s fine. It’s weird not having a flat stomach, but all I wanna focus on is being happy and healthy. 




Plein Sud cream top
$720 –

Miss Selfridge wrap coat

Balenciaga stripe pants
$540 –

Chloé suede purse
$1,370 –


When it comes to confidence, I struggle with it. Putting myself out there has been one of the hardest things to do in my life, especially in new environments. College is full of new people, especially when a term starts. 

I am a week into winter term, and I have spoken to one person in my class. This confidence matches the way I want to portray myself at times. 

I love low cut tops and dresses that take a risk. Ones that boost my confidence and make me feel beautiful!! 

Everytime I show interest in clothes like that, the people around me don’t seem to support me. 

Well,  I’ll wear what I want, including this top in the pictures below. I’ve had it for months and wore it before, including in this post here. Is there clothes you love but people think are a bit too revealing? What do you say to these people? Let me know in the comments below. 

Untitled #85

Untitled #85

MANGO long sleeve shirt
$15 –

H&M high-waisted jeans
$45 –

Adidas Originals white sneaker
$77 –

Yves Saint Laurent evening handbag
$1,920 –

Incase tech accessory
$37 –



coachella by lupehtx featuring a felt hat

Duster coat
$505 –

Zara shorts

The Row over sized sunglasses
$395 –

Karl Lagerfeld felt hat
$275 –

H M cotton shawl
$5.91 –

twinkle twinkle

Its prom season, and I am finally partaking in this event. After three years, I decided to go for it. This dress is one of 4 I tried on when I went to Debs with one of my best friends. We were able to find a variety of dresses, including this one. I love the neckline, especially because it is lace. The rhinestones over the top made it so femine, which is nice to remember sometimes. I tend to forget how girly I can become, and this garment reminded me its okay to wear what I want, even if its not my first option on a daily basis. image





IRO leather motorcycle jacket
$1,245 –

Blue jeans

H&M black booties
$37 –

Crossbody handbag

Codello silk scarve
$88 –

ImageImage  I dressed a bit patriotic while going shopping. After purchasing a pair of sandals I decided to wear an h&m top, identical to the one my older sister has. Twinning! Paired with bright red jeggings, to give it that pop of color that would not be overshadowed by the shows. As always, photos taken by my lovely sister, give it up for Eugenia. xx

Feeling like Spring



Yesterday I decided to try and rummage through the clothes I forgot about. During my endeavors I found both these shorts and this top. The top is from H&M, and is a matching one I bought with my lovely sister, Hiedi during a trip to California where we decided to shop at a very large mall with an even bigger H&M at our disposal. These shorts are from American Eagle, I store I might start to shop at again. They have perfect clothing for myself, a young girl that wants to be trendy yet comfy. The beanie was my idea of a laidback feel, that was a bit of winter induced, but beanies tend to complete some looks.