Family day 

I had a day off from work so I went with my mom to run errands. Those usually consist of going to the Mexican store to buy meat and vegetables. As we were leaving we had to stop by the store a few doors down to buy bread. We noticed that they had fruit cups, consisting of chamoy, which is a sauce put on fruits such as mango. 

As we walked to the car, my younger brother took endless picture of us, and I liked how they came out. They were a representation of my relationship with my mom, always laughing and joking around. I was also really excited to finally wear this shirt I bought at pacsun, (thank you buy one get one free ☺️) since it’s see through I wore a bralette from target. This has been one of my favorite outfits, because I feel more and more comfortable with my body. I’ve gained a bit of weight in my stomach, and that’s fine. It’s weird not having a flat stomach, but all I wanna focus on is being happy and healthy. 


Hey all! So sorry for the lack of posts. I didn’t realize how behind I had gotten. I have been busy with school and work but school is almost over for the year! 2 more weeks to go! It’s so exciting and nerve wrecking! 

This outfit posts featured my go to black boots which if you’ve followed my blog, you know I wear constantly. My forever 21 top is so comfortable and matches my favorite lipstick. These jeans were bought by my mom and I like the flare, it’s something new and different for me. 

Keep a look out for more posts, I have several in the process 😊 have a good day loves and happy Friday 

Hey guys! A couple of weeks ago I went to the zoo with my roommate Liz. She loves going so I decided to join her, and I’m glad I did. Going reminded me of how beautiful the world us, and I couldn’t help but take pictures while there. 

The valum avory was my favorite part, a building full of birds. It was so green and full of life, I couldn’t help but stare in amazement. 

Being an Oregonian, nature is important to me & luckily the sun helped out throughout the day. The whole day was so amazing, and I’m so happy I went. 

Leave comments about fun things you’ve done recently! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures 


Hey everyone! Thank you for continuing to follow me and like my posts! It means so much! This weekend I went to the store and bough lipstick, 3 different shades. This is my favorite from reckon, named Peach 🍑 parfait! I wanted to show you what it looked like on. Below are the rest of my makeup products from wet and wild. I am still navigating what makeup to buy that works with my skin tone. Leave any recommendations below ✨ 

About right

During a visit home, I found this lovely lace up top in my sisters’ closet. I paired it with a bomber jacket from forever 21, rue 21 lace up booties and jeans from ann taylor. I wore my forever 21 sunglasses. 

I loved wearing this because the light purple give it a feminine touch in the mix of dark grey and black, plus it made me feel very comfortable. 

It was one of those moments I feel great, where I was trying to look good yet still felt really great. I love wearing outfits that are casual and edgy, grunge if you will. 

These sunglasses were my favorite, but I don’t know where they went 🙈. I tend to loose sunglasses so I buy more and lose those as well, which is really bad considering how much I love them. 



When it comes to confidence, I struggle with it. Putting myself out there has been one of the hardest things to do in my life, especially in new environments. College is full of new people, especially when a term starts. 

I am a week into winter term, and I have spoken to one person in my class. This confidence matches the way I want to portray myself at times. 

I love low cut tops and dresses that take a risk. Ones that boost my confidence and make me feel beautiful!! 

Everytime I show interest in clothes like that, the people around me don’t seem to support me. 

Well,  I’ll wear what I want, including this top in the pictures below. I’ve had it for months and wore it before, including in this post here. Is there clothes you love but people think are a bit too revealing? What do you say to these people? Let me know in the comments below.