Trying new things

Good morning everyone! Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday! Here is my latest outfit posts wearing one of my favorite shirts.When I bought this shirt I was kind of nervous, it looked so small and it felt risqué when I tried it on. I wanted to push my comfort levels a bit with this purchase, and I did. I definitely felt really feminine when I wore it, I love how it fits and how I automatically feel more confident wearing it. I wore high wasted jeans and Birkenstocks with them, to keep it more casual.


Hey all! So sorry for the lack of posts. I didn’t realize how behind I had gotten. I have been busy with school and work but school is almost over for the year! 2 more weeks to go! It’s so exciting and nerve wrecking! 

This outfit posts featured my go to black boots which if you’ve followed my blog, you know I wear constantly. My forever 21 top is so comfortable and matches my favorite lipstick. These jeans were bought by my mom and I like the flare, it’s something new and different for me. 

Keep a look out for more posts, I have several in the process 😊 have a good day loves and happy Friday 

Pop of Color


I realized I have worn this shirt for 2 Christmas in a row. It’s one I bought from forever21 and I always love to wear it like this. 

These jeans are one of my favorites, but sadly my mom ripped them for whatever reason. I had this belt that I really liked and I lost it. Shows how organized I am. This is one of my favorite outfits, and I really liked having such a casual outfit look a bit more sophisticated because of this trench coat. 

Leave me comments about your favorite outfits, do you have any staple pieces you love to wear a lot? 


I don’t normally “dress up” per say.. and this is a rarity. Wanting to wear these lovely joggers, I decided to wear a crop top that could be tucked in in the front. Wore these with white earrings, and mossino flats. SAM_1768SAM_1771

Of course I had to wear a jacket, it is freezing! lol. I liked wearing the jacket, it added a more neutral tone. This grey peacoat from Papaya is a lifesaver! It is so warm, and just the right size. Wearing it over the shoulders is so stylish. Don’t you think? Leave comments on my instagram: themodernedgee

SAM_1775 SAM_1786