Winter wonderland 

After years without snow, we got it! We really needed some Starbucks so we went to the store, beanies and all. My shirt is from mossimo, target style is amazing! The last picture was the first day, after we made snow angels. Had to rock my comfiest sweater, and one of my favorite football teams, the Oregon Ducks! Follow my twitter/Instagram to connect with me at onewithboots ! 

My way 

Hey guys! Thank you all for following me on this journey! This year has been full of ups and downs and I’m glad I got to share my passion with you all. Here is my newest post, full of snowy Oregon 🌲❄️ for more winter pictures, follow my Instagram: onewithboots xx 😘 

Sheer brights / Girly mode

This is one of my favorite outfits! I used the new camera I got to capture this outfit that is so simple and lovely. It reminded me to stop overthinking my outfits, if I (or you) think something looks good, than try it. Never any problem with that right?

The dress is from forever 21, the heels are mia shoes that I totally love.

Its me, so I had to make it more… edgy. This denim jacket is the same lenght of the dress which I find very appealing. If you’re cold, you have something to help with that. Wrapping it around your waist adds a subtle pop of color.

IMG_0798 IMG_0812  IMG_0829 IMG_0842 IMG_0848IMG_0825

Loving heart

My sister loves starbucks, and she got me hooked. Even though she’s out of the country, her loves have been handed to me. As I wore mostly everything in her closet, except this rad jeans rom a brand I always forget, its still really.. me. This shirt says, “You wanna be mine” and maybe someone does? You never know who could be falling in love with you. Vneck, skinny jeans and birks are classic wardrobe pieces! Have a great weekend everyone. xx