Always striving

Hi everyone! Happy April! I can’t believe it is already April! It’s gonna be an amazing month, since today is the first day of my new term!

It has been quite interesting this year, I’ve tried time and time again to reach my goals and I am reminded that rewards do not come easy, so I have to truly realize how much I want something and go after it.

This college degree has been kicking my butt since 2015, but I will not give up. All the nights filled with emotions will lead me to a better future, even if it takes longer than 4 years. I know some may think I am wasting my time, but it will be worth it when I am doing what I love for the rest of my life. As I move forward in my education, I’ve been faced with reevaluating what exactly that is.

Do I love history or fashion more? The safe option is history, where I can work in museums to help design them and appropriately try and represent different cultures from around the world. I already know so much history, it’s engraved in my mind from high school. It gives me such an amazing feeling to know I am learning about those before me and what their lives were like.

Fashion is my one true love. Since I discovered weworewhat I loved the idea of working in fashion, especially if that meant I could share my personal style and make a living that way. Fast forward 5 years after making this blog, and I am no where close to that goal, but here I am, still thinking about the day I can finally write a sponsored post. I understand that might never happen, so I focus on something that is a sure thing, such as a history degree.

Well , thank you for reading my thoughts. Let me know any suggestions you may have on my career goals.

Baker hats

This outfit I would consider a mix of both, the baker hat makes it more street style, more stylish than other outfits I’ve worn. I found this cream colored shirt in my sisters closet and was really excited to wear it. I know I can style this shirt an a variety of ways and I’m excited to found out what works best for me.

This year is gonna be full of taking risks, and I am starting with my style. I hope that people look at my style and see an outfit idea, or perhaps just something they’ve never tried before. The sky’s the limit. Let’s go and inspire those around us.

Almost here – spring style

Hey everyone! How’s your weekend going so far? I’m excited for the things to come as a continue my first week at my new job. 

I knew I was gonna be quite busy so my family came up to visit me. I tried this outfit on since I saw it was sunny out, I haven’t worn this out yet since it started raining before we left. 

This is the first jumpsuit I own and I love it. I bought it at target, and matched it with my rue 21 long cardigan and my ego boots. These boots are my favorite pair, and they are so comfortable. 

Leave me your thoughts for spring outfits in the comments below. Thank you for reading & have a good day x


Inspired by an amazing blogger, Jade Madeline. Her blog link can be found here. I have had this blog for about 3 years now, but have used it on and off. Now, I am truly dedicated to seeing how far I can take this and what I can accomplish with my writing and love of fashion. The following posts are ones that received a lot of likes from fellow bloggers, and I am happy to share with my new blogging friends as I continue to embark on this journey.

These are the most popular posts I’ve had on this blog thus far:


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Make sure to leave comments and tell me what you think about my style evolution.



Pop of Color


I realized I have worn this shirt for 2 Christmas in a row. It’s one I bought from forever21 and I always love to wear it like this. 

These jeans are one of my favorites, but sadly my mom ripped them for whatever reason. I had this belt that I really liked and I lost it. Shows how organized I am. This is one of my favorite outfits, and I really liked having such a casual outfit look a bit more sophisticated because of this trench coat. 

Leave me comments about your favorite outfits, do you have any staple pieces you love to wear a lot? 

Women’s march 


I am a women of color. Throughout my life I have felt that the ones I love could be taken from me. I’ve heard of acts of hate happening to those I love, always scared that it could happen to me. When I was younger, people would call me a beaner, or a wetback. Those words always scared me, reminding me that hate is out there. 

But like hate, there is also love. I am a Mexican American women & I am so proud of it!!! I speak more than one language, and I am thankful that my Mexican culture is engraved in my being. 

I am a women, that had to sit in an auditorium full of people to learn how to defend themselves, in whatever situation I may find myself in. I had to watch an hour long video reminding me what to do in case someone tries to sexually assault me. Those are things that I’ve known about for years now. 

It still baffled me when my parents dropped me off at college that they kept telling me to be careful, to never take open drinks from anyone. As I sat there, I wondered if male college students were getting the same lecture. I knew most weren’t. 
This march brought about hope, and it was especially lovely to hear my moms enthusiasm, seeing as she is an immigrant herself. I love the strong women in my life, and I hope this allows you to reflect on your life and the society you live in ❤❤❤

Let’s start 

It’s the 3rd day of 2017 and I have had a lot to do to prepare for school. This break has given me a lot to think about, including making choices about my academic future. Two options, 2 different cities. New Years was the perfect time to be with my family and focus on my relationships with others. 


These are a few Christmas moments. When I spent time with my extended family, it consisted of long conversations about everything we experience. It was a great moment of reflection, and I am blessed beyond compare for having such amazing people in my life. Than we got home and open presents. The last pictures show my dress and adidas. I was not expecting either!!! Thank you all for the support this year! Leave comments about your Christmas ❤️🎄