Women’s march 


I am a women of color. Throughout my life I have felt that the ones I love could be taken from me. I’ve heard of acts of hate happening to those I love, always scared that it could happen to me. When I was younger, people would call me a beaner, or a wetback. Those words always scared me, reminding me that hate is out there. 

But like hate, there is also love. I am a Mexican American women & I am so proud of it!!! I speak more than one language, and I am thankful that my Mexican culture is engraved in my being. 

I am a women, that had to sit in an auditorium full of people to learn how to defend themselves, in whatever situation I may find myself in. I had to watch an hour long video reminding me what to do in case someone tries to sexually assault me. Those are things that I’ve known about for years now. 

It still baffled me when my parents dropped me off at college that they kept telling me to be careful, to never take open drinks from anyone. As I sat there, I wondered if male college students were getting the same lecture. I knew most weren’t. 
This march brought about hope, and it was especially lovely to hear my moms enthusiasm, seeing as she is an immigrant herself. I love the strong women in my life, and I hope this allows you to reflect on your life and the society you live in ❤❤❤