I love simple outfits. Outfits that make sense, that are both comfortable yet make me feel beautiful. This outfit makes me feel more girly than usual, and I was happy to wear my favorite color, bright red. 

I bought this oversized adidas tee and skirt when I was shopping with my girls. I’ve gotten more and more into the adidas brand, going to the adidas store and buying workout clothes as well. 

This to me is so classic, especially the black button up skirt, also a must have (in my opinion) that I’m happy to add to my closet ❤️ 

My twin and I (yeah I have one) spent my day off taking pictures in the downtown area of our hometown, and we kept finding places we’d never seen before. Funny how even thought I’ve been living in a place for my whole life I still feel like a tourist from time to time. 

Here is one of my classic outfits that I can’t wait to wear differently (this shirt can be a tshirt dress and this skirt can go with so many different tops) throughout the rest than of the summer. 
What outfits are you excited to wear? Let me know 😊

Almost here – spring style

Hey everyone! How’s your weekend going so far? I’m excited for the things to come as a continue my first week at my new job. 

I knew I was gonna be quite busy so my family came up to visit me. I tried this outfit on since I saw it was sunny out, I haven’t worn this out yet since it started raining before we left. 

This is the first jumpsuit I own and I love it. I bought it at target, and matched it with my rue 21 long cardigan and my ego boots. These boots are my favorite pair, and they are so comfortable. 

Leave me your thoughts for spring outfits in the comments below. Thank you for reading & have a good day x


Inspired by an amazing blogger, Jade Madeline. Her blog link can be found here. I have had this blog for about 3 years now, but have used it on and off. Now, I am truly dedicated to seeing how far I can take this and what I can accomplish with my writing and love of fashion. The following posts are ones that received a lot of likes from fellow bloggers, and I am happy to share with my new blogging friends as I continue to embark on this journey.

These are the most popular posts I’ve had on this blog thus far:


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Make sure to leave comments and tell me what you think about my style evolution.



New In 

Hey guys, I’m back with another outfit posts. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen these items on my story. 

The shirt and heels are from wet seal, they are having amazing sales so I had to snag these along with some chokers, a crop top and a slip dress. 

I paired the top and heels with a white pair of H&M jeans. I usually don’t wear white jeans, but I love the gold details on the zippers! These heels are amazing, and are really comfortable. The top is see through so I paired it with my black bralette from forever21. Can’t wait to wear more outfits that are ‘out there’ such as white jeans & hopefully more heels. 

Anything you guys are excited to wear in the spring time? Leave your comments below 


Freshman year came and went. This was a day full of beauty, funny how it seems so long ago yet it was earlier in the year. I learned a lot that day. Life is not gonna wait for me, I have to keep on working hard because nothing will simply be given to me. I have to embrace change, not hide from it. This was one of my favorite days in my life, and I will cherish the opportunity to connect with nature. Have a good weekend guys, and keep on working hard.


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