Styling white pants


Hope you are all having a great week so far.

I was cleaning my closet out, and found these white jeans I had been looking for. I had bought them and never tried to make an outfit with it, but I bought a crop top I thought would look great with it.

I paired these open legged pants with a polka dot crop top, a black belt and heels.

I never wear outfits that look so put together, I usually wear jeans and a hoodie to class every other day.

Since spring is here, I thought I would try and put more effort into a different part of my style.

I rarely wear white jeans, so this is a great experiment with my style. I like how the outfit looks and feels, especially the heels, they give it a mature vibe.

I love adding accessories, such as the belt, the barrettes and the sunglasses. Small details really bring an outfit together, and I can’t wait to get rings/earrings/necklaces to enhance all my future outfits.

This spring/summer is going to be a time of reinventing my style, to learning how to work pieces into my wardrobe I rarely use, such as short sleeve shirts.

Hope you have a great day!

9 thoughts on “Styling white pants

  1. They were a lucky find! You look gorgeous, you’ve styled them so well. I could never wear white jeans sadly, not with a child and three cats. And because whenever I wear a white top I always end up with food down it so jeans would be a disaster waiting to happen, haha! Lisa x

  2. We’ve got a little girl who is only 1 so I can’t imagine wearing whit ejeabs would go down well in our house. I love the top you styled it with, they look great together! You look gorgeous in them too.

    Hannah |

  3. Love this outfit! And you look stunning in it. I’d love to get a polka dot top like that. You’re right, heels do give it a more mature look, but in all the right ways! You’ve given me some style ideas.

    Caitlin |

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