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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I am excited to talk about this outfit, especially because it is the first item of clothing I’ve ever been given to from my older sister. She went shopping and the shirt was too small so she gave it to me. I am so glad she did because it made me reevaluate how I looked at my sense of style.

This shirt is far more risqué than what I am used to wearing. This shirt is meant to be worn without a bra, which is already a step away from what I usually wear. The back is open, with a tie on both the top and bottom. Nonetheless, I love the way they shirt has the ruffles below the sheer lace, it acts as a divider between sheer and dark fabric. The flower details are my favorite, they make the shirt so much more feminine. The straps are rather long at the end of the sleeves, but they are a nice addition.

I wore this shirt with shorts and vans, since I wanted this to be the focal point. I always tend to figure out one piece to wear and create my outfit around that, most of the time it is the shirt. I wear a shirt I like, and I figure out what would look stylish in terms of shoes and jeans.

With this outfit, It was soooo hot out that I knew I had to wear shorts no matter what. These are shorts I dont usually wear, so I chose these. The vans always make my outfits feel more casual, even with such a top like this. I like that there was something very casual such as the shoes, but also something very intricate by wearing the shirt. I used an ascot as a hair tie, and wore my go to tiny sunglasses to make this outfit cooler. When in doubt, wear tiny sunglasses.


Let me know what you think of this outfit, and if you like my shirt from free people. Have a great day

18 thoughts on “Free People find

      1. So chic, can’t wait to see you int! My mom gave me an over-sized blazer last year for Christmas and I’m so excited to wear it with my straight leg jeans and mules ❤

  1. I am obsessed with open back tops! This is super pretty. When I was reading the description I imagined it to look so differently but I love it! It would be perfect to for a beach top with a bikini underneath. You styled this good too I love the finished look. Vans go with everything! So nice that your sister gave you this x

    1. Its a good shirt to wear when I wanna feel more confident and more put together than usual. Yes vans always make an outfit more comfortable and I love that I can wear them with so many different outfits

  2. such a cute outfit!!! in the colder months you could possibly wear it over like a body suit and pair it with some burgundy pants. i think that would look really cute and fallish! i love the way you styled it for the warmer, it’s such a versatile shirt! fashion can be so fun!! great post xx

    mich //

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