Coffee Shop Daze

Hello! Welcome to another blog post. I honestly never know how to start these, introductions are always the hardest parts in anything I do.

This post is one I am very excited about, given the location. As time goes on and I think about where I want my blog to be, I realize that the quality of my content has to develop and grow. Taking pictures of my outfits in my backyard is something I want to stray away from. I am taking advantage of the beautiful scenery in my city, finding all the treasures that allow me to show of both my city and the outfits I love so much.

These pictures were taken by one of my oldest friends, Vivian. Whenever we hangout she asks if I want to take outfit pictures, and would I really be a blogger if I declined? We hadn’t talked in a while since school kept us so busy, so we had a great excuse to hangout and see what we’ve been up to over the last couple of months.

We went to a coffee shop in the downtown part of our city, one I had only been twice before. I loved the aesthetic of the place. It is full of bookshelves, plants and wooden furniture. They use old books when giving receipts, and their bar is rather impressive. The bottles reach the ceiling in an intricate way of assortment that lines the middle of the building.

Neither of us are really fans of coffee, so we tried tome sweet iced teas. The moment we got our drinks, we took our phones out of our pockets and started to take pictures. I used the flash, she grabbed a book from behind me and we started to create as many different combinations of flat lays.

She took my picture while we waited for our tacos, and at first I felt awkward taking pictures in a place full of people, but I liked my outfit and wanted to share it with you all. When people walked in and out they would make eye contact and I would feel somewhat conceited, but I carried on.

I felt good, and I wanted to embrace that feeling. I kept moving to every different chair around us, trying to get the best angles and great lighting. Every picture was so different, it captured both my outfit as well as the attempt at doing my makeup. I always stick to highlighter, mascara and lipstick. I love using highlighter because I like the glow it gives my face in pictures, especially with natural lighting.

Let me know what you think of this outfit and if you like the location. Have a great day x

17 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Daze

  1. Actually, I love this location and set of photos, you look so natural and relaxed (not that I don’t love your usual OOTD pics too). Those iced teas look delicious, I bet they were very welcome! I know what you mean about introductions, I find them a real challenge as well, haha. xx

  2. This coffee shop looks so nice, I don’t drink coffee either but I’d definitely want to go in there just for all the books! You got some really nice shots, well done you for being confident and taking them even in a busy place I don’t think I’d have been able to do it!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales,

  3. The lighting in that coffee shop is absolutely phenomenal. holy cow! you look great, too ❤

  4. such great lighting, these were only taken on a phone!?! the quality is fantastic! I adore your outfit, it’s so cute! Vans are some of my favorite types of shoes i think i have like 10 pairs 😅 Coffee shops are such good picture backdrops!

    mich //

  5. Loooove that shirt, florals are always a winner for me and the photos are great! I’m the same as you, not a coffee fan but always down for an ice tea. Great post 😊

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