Denim on denim

Happy Monday everyone! Sorry for being so inactive, I’ve had tests to study for and between that and work it’s been a crazy week.

I am back with a basic outfit I have never worn before. I love wearing black tank tops as shirts, and I dresses it up with my go to light wash denim jacket, ripped jeans and the vans I wear all the time. I was really busy on Thursday so I didn’t have time to put any makeup on, besides I don’t wear it too often so it wasn’t anything new to go makeup less.

I am so excited for spring! It is gonna be in the 80’s here in Oregon and I can’t wait to bring out my skirts and dresses that have been neglected for months!

Stay tuned for some spring outfits x

6 thoughts on “Denim on denim

  1. I wear denim on denim all year round – Iā€™m always wearing a denim jacket with denim jeans because I love the look so much (maybe Iā€™m a 90ā€™s throwback child, who knows?!) šŸ˜‚šŸ¤·šŸ¼ā€ā™€ļø I love the look on you as well though, I always wear my double denim looks with Vans as well!

  2. Absolutely LOVE these photos hun. I’m always a huge fan of denim on denim – I know we’re all haunted by that picture of JT and Britney circa 2003 (bc lets face it that really was horrific LOL), but with that exception, I think it usually looks great!

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