What a term

Hi everyone! Hope your Monday is going great and you’re having fun so far this week. I haven’t posted in about a week since I just had a final about an hour ago.

This weekend was me studying for this exams, barely going on Instagram or my blog, but checking Twitter more than I care to admit. I wanted to share with you guys an outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago.

I often take outfit pictures daily to have more than one post planned out, with at least the visuals selected. I take a lot of pictures in different areas, to give my Instagram feed variety and show off my lovely surroundings. This I took in my backyard, where my dad is currently building a lounge like area where all my family can come when we went to spend time together.

I will admit, I should have moved the chair out to the side, but there are so many imperfections in my backgrounds that I just figured I would keep it, even if no one clicks like if I post one of these on Instagram. I’ve always kept things in my pictures that made it more real, not everything perfectly placed because I am such a messy person and I am not creative when it comes to things like flatlays.

These pictures vary from the jacket I have on to what I have in my hands. I love bananas, and one of my favorite artists (aminé) uses them as a prop to his music, and I love that idea so I tried to incorporate them in my look, maybe it worked. What do you think?

Have a good day, and I’ll go back to studying for my last final tommorrow.

Let me know what quirky props you’ve used in flatlays or outfit photos in the comments below ❤️IMG_3370IMG_3398IMG_3411IMG_3259IMG_3270

2 thoughts on “What a term

  1. Good luck with your finals! Hope you did well! I LOVE flatlays! Haha, I used to use gift wrap papers for backgrounds but found a lot of the patterns being a bit too noisy. I turned to marble because it looks classy! Have a great week!


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