Game night

Hello! This past weekend I went to a Portland trailblazers game (a basketball team if you were wondering) and it was really fun to share this experience for the first time with my younger brother.

I realize I’ve had this blog for 5 years but would forgot about it for such a long time that I’ve never posted anything other than my school life and my fashion inspiration. Well there is so much more to me, including my love of sports.

Whenever I go to Portland I love taking pictures, it is such an artistic place and the scenery is amazing. Yet every time I go its to one specific place for a few hours and back home again so I never really get to walk around and see what the city is really like. Either way, I wore a really nice outfit. It was a red and white Adidas shirt with black jeans, I thin black and white cardigan and my Adidas.

These pair of shoes are my favorite piece in my closet. They are white with hints of cream next to the shoelaces, and I can never get over how crisp and clean they are. I realized I took pictures at night with the flash on when I could of taken these exact ones during the day with natural lighting. Who knows, maybe I’ll wear this outfit again and take clear pictures with my camera. Whatever happens, I love this color combination. Black and white go with everything, and red is my favorite color ever so why not?

What are your favorite articles of clothing in your closet? Let me know in the comments!

16 thoughts on “Game night

  1. Loved reading a little about you! I don’t know a lot of people who watch Basketball so it was lovely to see all the photos too😊

  2. It was lovely to read a bit about you, and well done coming back to blogging after 5 years! I hope you have a brilliant time back in the blogosphere!

  3. Oh my goodness, your shoes are so white! How on earth do you keep them so clean? If I wear anything white I can guarantee I’ll dribble all my food down it or on it, haha. Huge congratulations and welcome back to blogging after five years, I hope I’ll see a lot more of you from now on! xx

    Lisa |

    1. I keep them in the box and only take them out when I’m gonna was them. I am so messy but I need to keep these clean 💪🏽

  4. It’s so important to remember that what people blog about often isn’t all that they are and we have other interests too! I can’t believe how white your shoes are, that’s impressive. I don’t think I can pick my favourite thing from my wardrobe!! x


  5. It’s always great to learn about other bloggers! I love how you’re sporting your clothes! I’ve been meaning to buy white sneakers but haven’t had the chance to. Hope you enjoyed the game!

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