New In 

Hey guys, I’m back with another outfit posts. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen these items on my story. 

The shirt and heels are from wet seal, they are having amazing sales so I had to snag these along with some chokers, a crop top and a slip dress. 

I paired the top and heels with a white pair of H&M jeans. I usually don’t wear white jeans, but I love the gold details on the zippers! These heels are amazing, and are really comfortable. The top is see through so I paired it with my black bralette from forever21. Can’t wait to wear more outfits that are ‘out there’ such as white jeans & hopefully more heels. 

Anything you guys are excited to wear in the spring time? Leave your comments below 

19 thoughts on “New In 

  1. That first photo of the boots is such a creative shot! I love it 😍😍. This outfit is so pretty and summery — it makes me look forward to warmer weather!


  2. Those shoes are everything!!!!!!! You look so natural yet stylish! I’m so happy you picked up a slip dress, super duper trendy. What are you going to wear it with? You are so cute and sporty, I’m thinking a denim jacket and converse??? Let me know, can’t wait to see your look ❤

    1. Yes or heels and a choker? I have a picture of me wearing the slip dress and a black choker so I could wear that with the white adidas & a trench coat? Wanna go with something edgy. I have a casual/tomboy vibe. Obsessed with bombers 👅😍

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